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If you are accessing the web site from outside India, ONEKEM makes no commitments that the products on the web site exist in the same size and conditions at the country of your access. In other words, products on this web site may not be available at the country of your access, or they may have different packaging sizes, visuals, letter groups or font sizes depending on the country they are marketed in.


Before acting on any information given on this web site or acting on a problem related to it, or applying a suggestion of solution, you need to consult a qualified healthcare professional and have the necessary examinations and analyses done. ONEKEM assumes no responsibility whatsoever in the event of failure to comply with this clause, and even if complied with it, no claim can be charged against ONEKEM under any title.


Scanning the software to be downloaded from the web site onto the USER’s computer for viruses and making the compatibility adjustments is under USER’s responsibility. In the event that the USER faces damage as a result of this action, or incurs some expenses in order to make it compatible, the USER accepts that he/she has no right to make any claims whatsoever from ONEKEM under any title.


ONEKEM does not intend to supply any products to countries in which there could be any conflict with the existing patents. However the final responsibility lies exclusively with the buyer


Indian Law will be applicable for the lawsuits to be filed and execution proceedings to be started as a result of the use of this web site, and any arising disputes will be settled under the jurisdiction of courts and execution offices in Hyderabad.


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