Quality is not an act; it's a habit – Aristotle

Onekem is driven by Quality and hence uncompromised quality is our motto. We believe in quality excellence in everything that we think, say & do.

We have implemented stringent quality systems at every step of the process, from incoming raw materials, maintenance, and manufacture to finally shipment of the finished product. Manufacturing facilities and procedures are standardized to provide the standard quality attributes to the products consistently for each batch through a well-documented, validated and audited system. The quality assurance of our products is our responsibility and all the departments of the company share this responsibility by following all the requisite measures and resources to achieve these goals.

We follow strngent quality standards to ensure that all the products being manufactured are consistently safe, effective and bear good quality. We ensure that all our products comply with required quality parameters, and consistently meet their specifications. We adhere to the responsible care programme to ensure optimum customer satisfaction. Adherence to cGMP norms is an integral part of our total quality management system. We shall always strive to maintain our reputation for consistent quality, service and timely delivery.

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